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The difference is that at U Style we only offer the highest quality organic products and the highest standards of care. We are proud to be partners of such industry giants as Rene Furterer, Clarins, Moroccan Oil, and Bronze BioLOGIC Spray Tanning who only make high quality organic and plant based products.

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The difference at U Style is apparent because we offer you a higher quality of services by going above and beyond in everything we do.  It exists in the air that is purified with O3 to rid it of bacteria and toxic fumes. It exists in the guarantee we give you that the safety and cleanliness of all our manicure/pedicure equipment exceeds State regulations by far. It exists in the 99% guaranteed fume free Keratin treatments we perform. It exists in the elegant and luxurious Salon and the expertise of all our staff. It exists in the warm personalized care you will get.

Our Client of the week
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    Haena Chen Biton - 02/ 13/ 2014

    Haena Chen Biton is a successful young realtor working at Berkshire Hathaway. We greatly appreciate the fact that she has been coming for many years to have her hair styled by Hayat Lemoune on a regular basis and is getting trims done by Jack Rosenberg. Hayat likes to use Rene Furterer’s Fioravanti Detangling Spray to give Haena’s hair that beautiful shine in compliment with the  Fioravanti S

  • Ustyle client2
    Julia Tabak - 12/ 11/ 2013

    Julia is a native from Russia who has been living in South Florida for the past two years with her husband and two children. She was referred to Moshe Edri by a friend and came today for her visit at U STYLE Day Spa Salon. Moshe gave her a beautiful stylish hair and did a blow dry using the Rene Furterer Lissea Leave-in Smoothing Fluid. Julia says she found the experience to be “Awesome”, that

  • bronze biologic
    Carmen Zalkat - 11/ 5/ 2013

    Carmen is a business executive in a distribution firm here in Aventura. She loves to cook and used to belly dance on a regular basis. Now that she and her husband are excitedly awaiting the birth of their first child she has temporarily stopped dancing but can’t wait to start again. She says that had she known belly dancing was good for pregnant women she never would have stopped. She is from

  • DSC01516
    Alessondra Archabel - 10/ 20/ 2013

    Alessondra has lived in the Miami area most of her life. She has a degree in Mass Communication and has worked in broadcasting as well as in fashion. She is currently developing a very beautiful and exclusive private label lingerie line  called Wish Forever – www.wishforever.com.  Alessondra lives in Hallandale Beach and loves roller blading, spending

  • DSC01402
    Johanna Malka - 10/ 20/ 2013

    Johanna is a native of Morocco but grew up in Montreal, Canada. She came to Miami 21 years ago with her daughter, leaving the rest of her family in Canada. She successfully juggles the demands of a high powered career as the Manager of Christian Dior’s US and Canada Duty Free Division, which requires a lot of travel, and her role as a single mother to her 18 year old daughter Olivia. She has be

  • DSC01386
    Gily Kotler - 10/ 20/ 2013

    Gily is an Israeli housewife who lives in Sunny Isles Beach with her husband and two children, Yahli 4 yrs old and Miley 18 months old. She is excitedly preparing for the arrival of her 3rd child next month. We are very pleased that Gily has been coming once a week to get her hair color, cuts and blow dry’s done by Danny Mizrachi, who considers her one of his best friends, ever sin